How to Create an Index Match Formula With Multiple Criteria

INDEX MATCH with multiple criteria is a formula that can be used to find rows and columns in an Excel sheet based on a range of criteria. This formula is created with the INDEX function and the MATCH function. In the first step, you must enter the lookup value, which is what you’re looking for, in cell G2. Next, you must create an array of column names, separated by commas. Finally, you must select the match type.

A list with multiple criteria should be filtered by using the MATCH function. In the example above, we can use the MATCH function to find the position of the TRUE column within the array. The INDEX function then uses this position to find the name of the row. The INDEX function will not match any rows that match more than one criteria unless the first criteria is present. In this case, the MATCH function matches the first criteria found.

The INDEX function is an excellent way to search for a particular item in a list. When used in combination with the MATCH function, it is the most flexible and powerful lookup formula available in Excel. This formula returns the correct price of a sweater based on the criteria supplied. You can also use it with an array formula to find a list of items. So, the next time you need to find a sweater, try using an INDEX/MATCH formula.

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