Guide to the Redfinger Android Emulator for AVABEL Classic Newcomers

Asobimo has created and released the action-packed 3D MMO RPG AVABEL Classic. Joining forces with other gamers to hunt monsters and complete quests, this game offers a variety of exciting features such as the “Random Dungeons” which can be tackled alone or in a group. Additionally, 1000 players can participate in the fierce PvP battles. Currently, there are 70 unique classes, and more are anticipated to be added. This guide is geared towards helping novice players to quickly begin their journey in the game.

A Guide to the AVABEL Classic Quests

1. Primary Missions

These quests are central to the game, as they enable progression to the next level. Apart from the first two floors, each floor has three main quests: Monster Hunt, Item Collection, and Boss Battle. Participating in these quests will grant the players experience points. To start a quest, the player must get it from the quest administrator and click the “Transfer” button. For Boss Battles, it is best to do it in a team. By clicking on Baris, the quest administrator, and accepting the temporary quest, players can enter the Boss Battle map. If two or more players accept the Boss Battle quest, they can form a team and work together to finish it.

2. Pursuing Quests On a Regular Basis

Daily and weekly quests can be a great way of keeping your gaming experience fresh. Setting goals for yourself that you can achieve on a daily or weekly basis can be an exciting way to stay on top of your gaming activity. Pursuing these quests on a regular basis can help you stay motivated and make sure you don’t get bored with your gaming.

Early-game players can benefit from completing these quests, which provide limited recompense.

3. Pursuits of Beauty

Completing these tasks will give you the opportunity to obtain haircut tickets and access to fresh hairstyles, faces, and more at the beauty salon.

4. Quests of Emotion

Quests that offer rewards such as new character emotions can be found in Random Dungeons. An example of one such quest is Maze Magnets, which can be located in the Random Dungeons between the 1st and 50th floor. Another quest, which involves obtaining Everlasting Flames, is available in Random Dungeons between floors 51 and 100.

5. Boss Battles Across the Globe

The fifth item on the list is world boss quests, which are essentially boss battles that take place all around the globe.

The means of entering the World Boss quest is the same as that of a regular Boss quest. You can join by either teleporting from the quest giver or from the Guerrilla Quest area using DP (Dimension Points). Every single player on the server will be involved in the battle against the World Boss, and those who contribute in the fight will be rewarded with experience points. However, if the World Boss isn’t defeated within the time frame, no experience points will be given. It is recommended that you partake in World Boss quests after you have reached level 70 and it is even better if you are in a party with other players. In the case that you die during the fight against the World Boss, you will be sent out of the area, but you will not suffer any experience loss.

6. Assignment Tasks

Event Quests can also be referred to as Assignment Tasks. These are often goals that need to be accomplished in order to reach a certain outcome.

Every so often, an event area will become accessible close to the primary city’s portal. You must complete particular quests in order to gain access to the event room.

A Guide to Choosing the Appropriate AVABEL Classic Class


The Warrior is a class that is highly proficient in melee combat, with high HP and powerful attacks. This makes them ideal in Player vs Player situations, as well as in group battles where they make up the core of the team. As one progresses, they have the ability to become more specialized, choosing between Swordmaster, Samurai, and Crusader. Generally, Strength is the most important stat to invest in, followed by Vitality. However, for those who want to maximize their ultimate skill, both Intelligence and Wisdom can also be taken into account. Although this class is better-suited for group battles, even new Warriors don’t need to worry, since respeccing can be done in the later stages.

One Who Steals:

Thieves are known for their stylishness and their prowess in PvP, despite their attacks having lesser damage per hit. For these characters, you can choose between Assassin, Storm Knight, Death Slayer, and Ninja as your advanced class. There are two viable stat allocations for Thieves, Strength and Dexterity, with the latter being the more popular option. Nevertheless, going all-in on Dexterity early on can be difficult, so those who want to invest more can first prioritize other attributes and respec into Dexterity afterwards. The Ninja class is a unique choice that can benefit from Intelligence, similar to the Warrior class.

The Archer:

A person skilled in the art of shooting with a bow and arrows is referred to as an archer.

Archers are well-known as the “solo leveling king” since their ranged assaults limit the need of restorative items and make them safe during battle. They are incredibly proficient in clearing and hunting monsters. Furthermore, they are very powerful in Player vs Player (PvP) combat, due to their great maneuverability. The advanced classes accessible to Archers are Sniper, Hawkeye, Trap Shooter, and Strategist. The typical stat distribution for Archers is mainly Strength as the main attribute and Dexterity as the secondary attribute, or the other way around.


Mages are adept at wide-area AOE attacks and show off visually appealing skills. They reach their peak performance when it comes to monster hunting during the mid-to-late game. During team fights, Mages take on the role of crowd control, wreaking havoc among their enemies. Advanced class selections for Mages involve Wizard, Elementalist, Lost Spell, and Seoul Blade. Intelligence is the main stat that is typically allocated for Mages, however, Seoul Blade goes against the grain and requires both Strength and Intelligence for skill effectiveness. Beginners are discouraged from selecting this class for leveling up.

The Cleric:

A team devoted to leveling up is necessary for successful Priest character progress. They are an indispensable part of a group, as their presence adds to the combat capabilities of the team. Advanced Priest classes consist of Priest, Monk, Barrier Master, and Exorcist.

A Guide to Training Your AVABEL Classic Pet

Players in AVABEL Classic will discover a number of pets with varied aesthetics. These faithful partners are a major asset in battle, with their attributes getting stronger as they reach higher levels and evolve. Generally speaking, most species of pet get Ability Points as they level up; with every 20th level, there is a +1 increase in attributes. Much like equipping items, the way to level up pets is to feed and evolve them to get experience points which lead to levels and attribute enhancements.


At first glance, AVABEL Classic might seem complicated to new players. But, after reading this guide in full, they will discover that it is less intimidating than initially thought. If they find any issues when taking on missions in the game, they can easily conquer them by using the Redfinger Android emulator.

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